Dec 25, 2011

A Box from LN-CC

The wonderfully efficient online boutique LN-CC has shipped my order within merely 3 days! Imagine a parcel traveling half the globe within that short period of time? Honestly I think they have a really clever marketing strategy because I'm looking forward for another purchase from this London-based company, all thanks to the speedy delivery...


Even the box comes with a fine little detail - a drawer handle can't look any more adorable than this braided strings.

What did I order you may ask? Not to mention I was taking advantage of the free shipping and heavy discount on few select items, and it turned out some of them are within my reach financially. And of course I had to take the opportunity to sample on things from interesting labels that I have been eying on for quite some time...

Dec 24, 2011

Shoe polishing tips...

You would probably have guessed by now that I'm a shoe-phile/shoe-holic/shoe fetishist/insert other obsessive-related adjectives. Over the years I have amassed quite a sizable amount of footwear composed of leather and consequently these babies (yes, I'm that delirious) need to be taken care of and buffed appropriately.

Trust me, what I did was anything but properly take care of the shoes, which means the most that I do usually is just dust off any dirt or dust with a rag cloth. Not until recently I have managed to find ample time for myself, sit down and properly clean/cream/shine my footwear collection...

Polishing shoes is actually quite a simple task and not as daunting I thought it could be. With a few simple repetitive steps your leather kicks could look brand new all over again. Let me share with you my personal tips of the art of taking care of shoes.

Dec 21, 2011

Cause it's D-A-M-A-G-E-D


Whether I like it or not I have to wear my roach aftermath tee shirt anyway, because no amount of repair can give the shirt justice (unless, of course, if I had someone like the late Fran├žois Lesage at my disposal, covering the holes with ethereal embroidery).

Instead I chose to don it out, whilst perusing furniture at IKEA of all places. Don't we all love a bit of generic 'designer' and most importantly VERY affordable furniture from Sweden... well, designed in Sweden at least?

I have (brilliantly) decided to hide those atrocious holes underneath a new mustard Uniqlo cardigan, deliciously knit in fine merino wool, and the best part is, it was on sale. An autumnal color combo I've decided to style it in - paired together with this marronish/purplish cotton trousers, also from Uniqlo, which I bought in Singapore almost a year ago.

Dec 19, 2011

Roaches ate my Christopher Kane!

This entry deserves a hell lot of bold and exclamation marks because it's true, boys and girls!!!

The damned pest, notorious for lurking in narrow crevices and striking in pitch dark apparently has been staying in my closet since God knows when!!!

And they have decided to nibble my Christopher Kane SS2011 cosmic print t-shirt!!!

I don't believe it I hear you say? Have a look for yourself...


Dec 17, 2011

Versace for H&M cruise collection 2012

And so, this year's biggest high/low collaboration has been extended to a cruise collection! Looking at the latest images makes me like their previous autumn/winter assemble less and less (except for that wonderfully gaudy Hawaiian print shirt which is the only piece that I wanted to acquire from the collection, BUT are unquestionably sold out).

On the other hand, next season Versace x HM partnership entices the guys with a less showy, and perhaps a more built-together wardrobe, with monochromatic colors like blue, white and black dominating the entire collection. These are the items that I like from the preview images...

Denim shirt with Versace's ubiquitous meander pattern (also known as Greek key pattern) - suitably apt for a casual/semi-formal mix on a lazy Sunday afternoon, reading a book on history of Greek art, perhaps.

Dec 5, 2011

Adventure in tailoring

My personal pioneer adventure in tailoring begins with the construction of a sadly looking oriental costume (or so I deem, as I'm lacking an appropriate name for this suit), which was a fruit of labor of a single simplistic trip to a nearby tailor.

It all began with an invitation from an ex-classmate who was getting married in a five-star hotel, and from the looks of it, the reception would going to be a rather glamourous event - stated in the invitation was the dress code revolving around something I recall as "Red Carpet Glam" and "Oriental Chic".
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