Oct 16, 2011

Being Muji-fied in capono

Some items in my wardrobe are so out of my character sometimes I question why I purchased them in the first place. Case in point - this kimono-esque wrap from Muji, a no-fuss low-key and almost anti-fashion Japanese lifestyle label. (Did you know Singapore has 2 Muji outlets? You did? GOOD!) 

Originally for ladies (as half of my clothing items are), worn insouciantly this cape/kimono/ jacket thing can be a great sprucing-up item completing the 'look'. Yes, like when I wore it to the Hanger Mag party last time. 

And sometimes I'd like to torture my crotch with  this shorts-over-pants look.

Oct 13, 2011

Crisp white shirt is the answer

Sometimes I switch from my rather 'busy' outfit to having a simple one whilst window shopping. I think this helps a lot, especially in our tropical climate which does not really allow for multiple layering and such.

It is also rather convenient to have basic clothing on so to facilitate a trip to the dressing room...

Mexx mandarin-collared white shirt, Topman khaki trousers, Lacoste plimsolls, Celine Bi-cabas bag


On another unrelated note I thank Syazwan Rosman for diligently taking my outfit photos, and have that bit of patience with a rather fussy me. Loving that Peter Jensen SS2010 Watermelon Bag on you!

Oct 11, 2011

Brothel ceepers virgin

My annual jaunt to the Lion City is for the purpose of unwinding and a little bit of retail therapy. A much superior shopping destination than the capitals of Malaysia combined, Singapore's Orchard Road never ceases to entice my already submissive consciousness to spend a wee bit more. 

It's even enticing when luxury retail big guns like Club 21 bring all the good labels - we all know they are the only ones who stock Jil Sander and Dries Van Noten in the region, and their Comme des Garcons outlet is up and running since January this year (more on that later)...

On a much affordable side the Swedish retail giant H&M is already in its full force at Orchard Road since September. The vast white facade was silently persuading us to enter the premise, even though from afar the place is packed up to the brim... But in we went nonetheless.

As I have expected I couldn't find anything great fitting for me. I almost walked away from the counter when I saw a guy getting ready to pay for his items. He was holding these brothel creepers, which apparently were taken from the girls' department, and, ironically, made a last minute decision to let go of them. I knew that that was my calling and we exchanged looks (mine was a drooling / amazed / greedy kind). He generously offered me these shoes, and the inner shoe fetishist in me was more than happy to accept them. Well, don't get me wrong, I have to pay them myself of course...

Oct 10, 2011

Too purple to be true

Whenever I travel I always try to bring clothes that I rarely wear during 'normal' days (did you know I wear bland shirts and reworked old trousers to work?). The reason being I feel rather uneasy to attract unnecessary attention at my workplace, you know, like that bad impression kind of attention. I do not intend to take the risk and possibly further tarnish my somehow feeble reputation at the hospital.

 I believe that even a big city like Kuala Lumpur has its reservations towards 'unconventional' clothing, so much so that in order to be 'fashionable' you have to wear something very conformist, safe and ultimately unimaginative. Once I pull out that non-conservative rabbit from the hat and walk around the city's biggest malls, almost immediately I'd get that stare, or sometimes even a whistle or two (the reason being, er, I dress too flamboyantly I suppose?), which somehow demotivates me to further experiment with clothes. 

 So I have decided to live in my own fantasy world of ridiculous and so-called tacky clothing whenever the time and location permit, for example during the trip to Singapore, of course!

I visited the Universal Studios in an almost top-to-toe purple outfit. Even the fake Marilyn Monroe in that thick American accent gawked in disbelief at my too colourful getup. But ironically the phony Joker from Batman complimented my bright-hued trousers. I personally prefer a darker wash than the current purple, so, I'm thinking to maybe dye them in an indigo blue to make them, well, more blue...


I'm almost blending in with the background, no?

I am wearing cowl-collared shirt from Topman, Miu Miu sleeveless tank, vintage trousers (my father's), Celine Bi-cabas bag, Jil Sander shoes, socks from Happy Socks.

Universal Studios Singapore

Last week I had an enjoyable trip down to the south to Singapore. The trip was more like a much needed escape from the craziness of our day jobs (oh yes, have I told you that I have finally completed my internship?).  We drove straight from Kuala Lumpur and headed to Universal Studios Singapore. The colourful buildings at replicas of New York City, Hollywood and memories from animated hits like Madagascar and Shrek made us giggling like little children over again. This meant that this is a rather image-heavy post, so I apologize if the page loads rather slowly...

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
and the signage and typehead heaven...


Oct 4, 2011

Trussardi Womenswear SS12

In any field of life conjuring a good first impression is not always an easy task. The same applies to fashion design - in this case, Umit Benan, whose first calling is menswear did quite a brilliant job for Trussardi's womenswear Spring Summer 2012. Considering the fact that this is his first time producing womenswear, brilliant is actually an understatement.

He called his girl "the granddaughter of Annie Hall", in a sense that he smartly applied his forte which is tailoring in this collection. I personally like the slightly oversize and boxy silhouettes of the jackets, the roomy tapered high-waisted trousers and cropped just above the ankle. Well, so much so that I fantasize if I could purchase them and wear the pieces without shame. (It is a recurring issue in Dunia Fashyon that I cannot fit most of tailored MENSWEAR thus I resort to the better-fitting womenswear).

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The accessories are not left out as well, as Trussardi is a leather-goods house first and foremost. The models were seen carrying two bags, a long-shoulder-strap style and a weekender or a backpack or a trunk - which again, do not look very out of place on a man.

Eyeing for Marius Morel

As you can see in most of the images in my blog the Marc Jacobs spectacles that I wear are almost becoming a constant fix on my nasal bridges, which means that a search for new eyewear is warranted. From then on meticulous and rather picky me has been searching high and low in the quest for the perfect replacement for the weary Marc Jacobs.

An exhaustive search which includes visiting both physical and online shops was leading me almost nowhere. I have been trying the more popular and established brands like the New York-based Moscot and even the Japanese powerhouse Masunaga, thinking that the latter might be the one for me to wear for the next few years. 

A handful of factors should be counted in when selecting the best eyewear for you, especially the fit of the bridges. The Masunaga frames that I tried on fit my nasal bridge really well. So I've been told that the Asian company considers physical make-ups of different descendants in the craftsmanship of their frames. In this case my South East Asian nose seemingly fits well with Masunaga's bridge. 

 The fit and style factors made me like the Masunagas a lot, alas, the usual obstacle hindered me from purchasing them ( i.e a rather steep price) which I can't firmly justify given the ever-tightening of personal budget...

That disappointingly led me to another mall and, fortunately and ultimately I found this beautiful French eyewear label Marius Morel. Created by Jules Morel in 1880, currently the fourth generation of Morel family is managing the internationally expanding company.


"In more than a century of history, Morel has learned how to evolve and manage technological as well as creative changes "

I definitely appreciate the classic model which has a bit of 1950's flavor in these frames that I acquired. Slightly oval in shape, these frames is definitely a fresh companion to my boxy Marc Jacobs spectacles...


Another factor influencing me on this purchase in none other than the relatively affordable price. At Tanjong Opticals (Ground Floor, Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya) the price is virtually unbeatable (I have been comparing the prices online and this is definitely the best bet).

So home I went a happy camper with a new set of 'eyes'....

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