Sep 24, 2011

A need rather than a want - Paul Smith Tri-tone Brogues

The footwear fever is hardly over, especially for yours truly who have to lug low-quality leather jazz shoes from Zara to work. I wish that one of these days I could muster some gut and insouciantly wear my Prada espadrille brogues to the rounds and miraculously get good remarks from the superiors...

 Such is hardly the case when it comes to these very work-friendly (especially in those extra-conservative environments like mine) Paul Smith brogues which have three, yes, THREE tones -black,burgundy and blue. Sounds and looks familiar? They do remind me of the Prada version but obviously sans the espadrille soles. Either way I'm quite confident that they would look good on anybody's feet and furthermore the pricing is much better compared to their Prada counterparts.

With the smart look and just the right amount chunky, these Made in Italy brogues might have the potential to find their way into my shoe cabinet...


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Sep 5, 2011

Celine-esque clog in Malacca

Many people say a trip to Jonker Street, or to any tourist destination in Malaysia generally, is not complete without a taste of their local delicacies. Here I tried a hearty bowl of Assam Laksa (a type of noodle with spicy fish soup) so savory I think I might come over again just for the laksa. Ah, the mere thought of it makes me drool already...


And when it came to shopping, I was very interested in these wooden clogs:

Sep 4, 2011

Architecture: Historical Malacca part 1

A family trip to my father's hometown in Malacca during Eid is definitely enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting my aunts, uncles and their children but at some point I needed to temporarily flee from the madness of extended family's probing questions about my personal life (have you ever get tired of the marriage questions?).

I was so lucky I had my friends who swiftly fetched and drove me to the historical town of Malacca for a quick escape. We headed straight to the UNESCO World Heritage site: Jonker Street.

Since I'm a (mildly) architectural buff visiting Jonker Street is quite a thrilling experience for me visual-wise. It is essentially a Chinese trading area lined with well-preserved shophouses, mostly boasting an intact colonial/ Chinese-influenced architecture.

Fortunately we were there on a Saturday night, where the street is transformed into a lively night market. So basically it was a visually kaleidoscopic orgasm composed of colourful images of shop fronts / foodie galore / trinkets and everything under the sun...




This area used to be a centre for antique ware but now most shops have been transformed into boutique hotels/ boutiques/ cafes...

Peachy perfect

And it is that time of the year again where families gather and have a celebratory moment over the end of a months' period of fasting! As it has been going for years and years, after the prayers we went to visit the graveyard and then went back straight home.

We as usual seek forgiveness from each other of any wrongdoings for the past year. Then we had joy stuffing our faces with an abundance of food around and typically there was the almost ritual-like family photography moments.

First day of Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak) I was decked in the old peach Baju Melayu suit and my old 'kain sampin'. I don't buy new Baju Melayu for a few years already!




from top to toe: songkok (a tradisional Malay hat with cheap velvet fabric);  Baju Melayu suit, buttoned up with faux diamante buttons;  kain sampin - a songket fabric loomed with golden threads, wrapped around like a sarong, which has an almost a kilt-like feel; Rubi cut-out sandals

Happy Eid Mubarak every one!

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