Apr 30, 2011

Maison Martin Margiela at home

Probably 1.9 billion people watched the royal wedding yesterday on the box. But honestly I could not give much attention and the fact that menswear-wise at the ceremony a bit of a lacklustre was really disappointing.

However here I have a weekend feast for your eyes. Having to visit Maison Martin Magiela's Parisian headquarter at rue St. Maur was a memorable trip during yet my another tag-along buying trip with MUSA where I saw with my very eyes the simple yet intriguing interior of the premise.


Apr 26, 2011

Ethnic prints on a shirt

These few seasons I have been fascinated by how ethnic prints have made their way into designers' collections. Edited cleverly these oftenly overwhelming prints can be very stunning and interesting to be worn. Who says cultural-inspired themes are ought to be donned at mundane weddings and sterile government-related occasions only? I believe the idea of a man wearing prints is not a stuffy or even feminine one at all.

Apr 17, 2011

Musa relocation sale

Description: cid:image005.png@01CBF866.D5258670
Our RELOCATION SALE starts today!!!
Crazy discounts in store now.
UP TO 90% off!!!


MUSA will be relocating to a more strategic spot soon and hence the relocation sale.
I received this rather simple e-mail in my inbox a couple of days ago and it instantly cheered me up while I was slaving away at my seriously mundane, unfashionable workplace. I was basically grinning ear to ear when I read the "up to 90% off" line. Yes, you read that right! 

I've been told the furniture in the premise is up for sale as well. 

I will probably go there tomorrow with my girl friends and see if there is anything worth purchasing (in which there is a high probability of me getting home NOT empty-handed). As you would have known substantial sales makes my knees wobble and I will likely succumb to the capitalistic temptations, willingly.

Yes, I'm weak just like that.

 P/S: If you don't want to miss the action hurry up as I presume the sales will only have a few days left...

Apr 16, 2011

Orange blazer + drop crotch + tribal jewelry = ?

Going to the Comme des Garcons presentation just made my day. But figuring out what to wear to my first 'real' fashion show was a headache. I did imagine that the attendees would show up in their best CdG getup, and most probably in an authentic one as well.



AW2011 Comme Des Garcons womenswear presentation

This entry might be ridiculously long overdue and I'd like to apologise beforehand for those who happened to read my tweet eons ago about how I'd blog this as soon as I came back to my hotel in Paris but never actually saw my post coming up until now. Alas this is the n-th time I'd like to shove the blame against the good old Mr Procrastinator...



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