Sep 5, 2010

First impression and its deceit

First impression is almost always a deception. More often than not one would judge a book by its cover and would be surprised to read the beautiful/ugly story beneath the cover. Have you ever came across or saw a person with a mohawk hair style and what would you be thinking?
A) this guy must be up to no good
B) he must have a 'trashy' lifestyle
C) he is not trustworthy
D) he is plain weird and has no future

But what about option E - it's just a hairstyle and perhaps it was a medium of self-expression, and maybe, maybe it does not directly reflect the true person that he is inside?

Such is the dilemma that I faced this week when I was asked by one of the specialists to immediately cut my so-called mohawk (more like a fauxhawk if you ask me) hair short just one day after I decided to have that bit of a 'daring' haircut. I admit being under the limelight this whole week is quite fun and it fed my narcissistic pet for being noticed but honestly it was not exactly THE limelight that I wanted to be under.


Sep 2, 2010

Lanvin loves H&M

As I posted the Lanvin clogs entry the entire blogosphere was overjoyed with the fantastic news of H&M collaboration with Lanvin for AW 10/11. It is very exciting to anticipate the collection (they will be producing both menswear and womenswear) which will be released in November  but it's a turn-down at the same time as well because H&M will not be available in Kuala Lumpur any time soon. Well, unless the coveted Fahrenheit 88 mall will include the giant Swedish fast fashion mogul in their list of tenants, which I think is remotely possible.


Not a Lanvin virgin anymoarr


 It was long time ago since I dreamt about owning a piece of clothing/accessories from this celebrated fashion house (which is quite evident if you look at the stale 'covetable yet impossible' section at the far down right corner of this page). But today I am officially not a Lanvin virgin anymoarr (please pronounce 'anymore' like Lady Gaga in Alejandro).  I feel so sinful o Lord please forgive me!

I might be sounding over dramatic and might even commit a blasphemy for such  a statement. But such is the typical reaction whenever I fail to contain my excitement regarding this new pair of Lanvin clogs that I recently acquired from Lanvin Hilton Singapore branch.

The shape, texture and color of these shoes is the particular reason I chose to purchase them, out of several shoe models which are rather classic and easily forgotten. (Well, not to mention about the blessing of a hefty discount - 60% off retail price! The bargain hunter in me was screaming when I saw the price tag)


The thought of it might insinuate a perverted taste of a shoe fanatic but it felt so good upon caressing the leather upper of the clogs. The calfskin is enveloped in the beautiful shiny metallic green finish that one could easily mistake as a fly's back, or rather a dragon fly...

The sole is soft and it is padded with a sturdy plastic-like material which is also great for shoe fetishists comme moi who would not like their soles getting scratched nor damaged. Comfort-wise the shoes are a winner because nothing could beat a pleasurable feeling when wearing a pair of leather clogs. It seems like there are endless possibilities when it comes to pairing these shoes with other outfits and apparently menswear is slowly picking up the clog trend which has been quite popular the past season in ladies' world...

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