Jul 18, 2010

Bring the baggy!

My affection towards baggy and roomy pants grows every time I see a great image portraying the above-mentioned article of clothing . I just love when the fabric does the swish swash effect when the person is in motion.
 Case in point -these sick voluminous pants. Designer unknown. Photo credit: The Fashionisto

Over the years we all have been preached about that certain Hedi Slimane silhouette looks 'smarter' or more polished, but on the contrary I always believe that I'd wear baggier pants on occasions that requires me to dress up. And I have been having a little bit of fun with clothes too lately.  Tried to dress up when I went to watch the hugely popular Broadway musical Maria with the original casts all the way from New York.


For the outfit at the show I was inspired, or rather attempted to vaguely imitate Ann Demeulemeester / Yohji Yamamoto . Yet again I wore those Thai fisherman linen pants with the ZARA blazer teamed up with my new wide brimmed hat from Topman. The hat I think brings a lot of character to any outfit. The funny thing is no one is allowed to wear hats in the theatre hall (so that we don't block somebody else's view). So the hat was purely just for show that night...



A good Sunday to everybody who can afford to have weekend offs!

Jul 15, 2010

Mourning the loss of Paul Smith

It's rather distasteful to put such a dreary post for a comeback entry (I apologize but OBGYN department is draining me physically and mentally I don't even have enough time for Facebook let alone blogging)...

But I could not help it but to mourn the loss of my Paul Smith leather loafers.

There are two possibilities of how they could get lost:
A) Somebody snatched them while I was busy entertaining guests at home during my brother's wedding. Did I mention 2 cell phones and a brand new digital camera were lost during that event? Must be careful next time if my family ever organised another big event...

B) Somebody snatched them when I forgot to keep the shoes inside the house. Yes, my neighbourhood is that typical dodgy place in Malaysia where people can enter the one's porch/ parking space to grab shoes and sell them to 'bundle' shops. The footwear that are highly susceptible to be stolen are men's leather loafers, but we had some funny incidences in the past back in the height of roller blading craze where even our roller blades and roller skates were gone!

I purchased them at a bargain at the London Heathrow Airport. I used these loafers almost on a daily basis at work. They were so comfortable I could walk in those shoes all day long from eight to five...

I still remember the images of the beautiful dragon-flies and dandelion etchings on the soles.

 And the snakeskin-like texture of the leather,  which was only beginning to mould according to the shape of my feet.

 May you rest in peace on somebody else's feet.

Al- fatihah....
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