Jun 26, 2010

Anatomically correct - DSquared spine heels

I am a big fan when fashion collides with the anatomy of a human. We have seen those rib cage T-shirts on the street and everything, but I was hoping there were something more then just an average drawing of skeleton on your everyday shirt.


Hence it is a feast to my eyes, and also a surprising fact that Dsquared makes these outlandish stilettos with vertebrate heels. I mean I don't normally expect something 'organic' or mildly disturbing from this designer. Just look at how near accurate those vertebrae are...complete with intervertebral disks!


What ever it is, the images surely make my spine tingle with sensation (excuse the pun). I'm even pleased by the fact that there is a subtle irony behind the design (heels that high should not be very good for your spine, get it?)


Alicia Keys (the first album of which I love) even tweeted her photo wearing the heels, which she eventually wore to her performance at the FIFA World Cup opening celebration.

Another organ-related design is this "If I Only had a Heart" brooch from Old Hollywood, as  featured in Izzy Tuason's blog The Dandy Project.

A human is beautiful from the outside and from the inside, literally.

photo credits: Sea of Shoes, Jak and Jil, The Dandy Project via Old Hollywood e-shop

Jun 13, 2010

It's that time again...

... for a new rotation. This time it is my turn to intern at the Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G) department. It is so nerve-wrecking and exhilarating at the same time. I've heard so many dreadful stories about how the stressful working in the department is (for example the specialists and medical officers are so paranoid with the medico-legal issues so prevalent amongst pregnant/ post natal ladies). I believe that O&G poses different challenges and obstacles compared to medical department.

I will be entering a gruelling 2-week period acquiring obstetrics skills such as conducting deliveries, doing episiotomy and its repair. So I'll be working my a$$ off from 7am to 11pm for fourteen days.

Whatever it is I hope my stint there as as smooth as my previous internships (although I particularly dread how easy an intern could get extended there just because some seemingly minor mistakes).

Wish me a goooood luck as I probably need it most!

A self-confessed food critic says...

I hate western food joints in KL!

Forgive me to suddenly into turn an emotional food critic wannabe, but this is about my sentiment about western food in Kuala Lumpur. One word - pretentious. I find it amusing (read: mind boggling) why people glorify 'western' food. I'm talking about the ones sold at fancy or "trying to look fancy" restaurants infesting Kuala Lumpur food scene.

It's quite disappointing to find that I have eaten at quite a number of restaurants / cafes / foodstalls with 'western' food in their menu but to no avail I have not found a single place with the acceptable quality in taste or authenticity which suits the pricing.

I felt so cheated when I was at this self-proclaimed  Italian restaurant 'Milano', nested in the middle of walkways in One Utama, where I innocently tried their carbonara alfredo. For a second I thought I was eating a plate of plastic pasta with cheap cheesy soup (straight from the can I'm 99% sure) and a sprinkle, yes you read that right, of sliced mushrooms. No, I did not try the real dish with carbonara when I was in Milan, but I can tell you the 'Milano' version is far from good.

 Another good example of western food done improperly is this salad literally drenched in olive oil. And the leaves are not even fresh! Price-wise - trust me, it's pricey.

A substantial amount of olive oil has been poured over this salad

But local food, on the other hand, should be celebrated and introduced at bigger restaurants. I know you little stingy bastards out there who rather splurge on so-called western food (but low in quality) rather than spending a little more on great tasting (and 100% authentic) murtabak.

Case in point...

Murtabak and mojito

  Cucur udang avec ma soeur and my nephew

Murtabak raja and cucur udang from MUSA Cafe. I especially like how this seemingly western oriented fashion boutique and cafe actually serves this kind of cuisine. And they are pretty delicious I tells ya. Yes, mojito and murtabak is a rather peculiar combo but in this case I think it kind of works for my taste buds.

Just a thought...local TV dramas portraying a guy having dinner with his girlfriend at this distastefully decorated restaurant with beef steak and spaghetti plus meat balls. Another movie having people with fresh (or cordial) orange juice on their garden tables. Familiar with these scenes?

P/S: Nasi goreng USA is not western cuisine!

Jun 11, 2010

Soooo purple!



Sometimes people generally associate me with my affinity to clothes that belong more to the duller side of the color spectrum. It's partially true I'm afraid. Yes, I love powdery/ dusty pastels and neutral basics, but I'd certainly appreciate a pop of color here and there (never mind that I have this almost neon orange stethoscope that's almost becoming my trademark - "which doctor ?"... " you know, the one with the tacky orange stethoscope?"...)


But that definitely did not deter me from having this excitement when I found these purple pants from my dad's wardrobe. Looks like he wore them about 20 years ago!


Initially the pants are far more loose and they had this icky straight cut silhouette, which was so unforgiving for my height (or lack thereof). A little alteration was absolutely vital I thought, and in this case, I brought the purple, slightly moldy-smelling trousers to the trustee alteration shop in Sungei Wang.


The color of the pants is still vivid. I don't know how many times my dad washed them, but knowing him I'm sure the purple hue is still intact thanks to his hand-washing habit (no, not the prevention of H1N1 hand washing, as in, he prefers to hand wash his clothes rather than throwing them into the washing machine) ...


I love playing school boy. The pinstripe messenger bag is from Topman.

Jun 9, 2010

A need rather than a want - Prada studded shoes

I have been thinking about the infamous Prada studded shoes these few days. They are a big hit from their  glorious studded Fall 2009 collection (which also features the beautiful studded coat oftenly used in editorials).

It's a shame that Prada in KLCC did not even stock those shoes. I was secretly hoping that they did, so I could admire the shiny metal details upclose instead of salivating over the images on the Internet.

My jealousy meter has gone up to the max seeing other guys who actually have the opportunity (and the dough of course) to keep the shoes as their treasured possession -Henry Holland and the chap from Hapsical to name a few. From his Tongue in Chic interview Henry actually admitted the Prada studded shoes are his biggest splurge on clothing items...

This motivated me, or rather, frantically sent me to a desperate attempt to search for the beautiful lace-ups on eBay. 

See what I found?


I know there's a slim chance of getting them online as last time the shoes were selling like hot cakes - according to Hapsical there was even a waiting list for them at Old Bond  Street when these shoes were released.

So if there are any guys out there who want to part with them shoes, please help me spare my suffering and kindly sell them to me.

I am a European shoe size of 40 (or UK 5.5 to 6)

Thanking you in advance - Dunia Fashyon.

*photo from gq.com
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