Mar 25, 2009

A Beautiful Disaster

salt baking
It's been a few weeks since Susie Bubble's DIY salt-baked shirt really entices me to create one of my own (the instruction of which is elaborately written if you click the link). I like how the subtle burn effect beautifully wraps the peripherals of the shirt. Plus the dirt cheap price of salt absolutely gives my thin wallet a happy smile.

So yesterday, equipped with 3 kilos of salt, I gave this seemingly simple task a try. A rookie is a still a rookie: my first attempt to do this was unsatisfactory, at least for a perfectionist mind like me. The slightly brownish tint was too subtle - I wanted more from this.
salt bake shirt
Too light of a tone

Next came the second round. This time I increased the temperature of the oven to the max dial, and placed the baking tray DIRECTLY above the flame. 15 minutes later - the kitchen was misty with smoke, I almost suffocated on carbon monoxide, my eyes teary from the sharp fume of salt.

And just look what happened to the shirt...

I was surprised and excited at the same time! The burn resulted in an amazing ombre effect that I've been waiting for so long to get my mitts on. I like the fact that the black color gradually changes its tone to brown and lighter and lighter hues.
Burn baby burn!

Alas much to my dismay upon trying the shirt on the fabrics tore apart like mahjong paper...

Holey guacamole! (pun intended)
Now the beautifully destroyed shirt lies on the coffee table, a token of my foolish error. Oh, it's okay I guess. I have quite a few white shirts / t-shirts lying around and in fact this definitely won't be my last time experimenting the salt-bake goodness, despite the risk of getting teary-eyed experience again...

Mar 20, 2009

The whimsical trend: GIVENCHY SS 09 Leggings

The Givenchy SS09 shorts-and-leggings combo is highly talked about in the blogosphere, evident from the following findings:

1) Sam Sparro of the 21st Century Life song fame rocked this look very early on So You Think You Can Dance Australia
2) This guy on Jak and Jil (love the hi top combo!)
3) Latest issue of VMAN

The real deal from Givenchy...

Well well, this immediately calls for a DIY project! All I needed was a pair of leggings/ tights. Okay I have to admit that I totally found out that leggings end above the ankles, and tights, on the other hand cover the feet completely. I mistakenly bought tights, as a result they had to be snipped above the ankles so they can be pulled up to the knees.

After a mere minute of cutting... voila, here's my own little attempt on the look. I combined different dark shades and textures to give the outfit some essence. However it occurs to me that some improvement, at least stylistically can be done here. Maybe the boots and upside down cardigan can be replaced with some other unexpected items. Poor styling aside, I was excited to experiment this look, even just for blogging sake only!

Taxi cardigan, Bershka sequined vest, Cheap Monday sleeveless top, American Athletics chinos shorts, thrifted boots, snipped black tights
If you ask me whether this is the trend that I'm clinging on to this season, I'm afraid nay is the answer, because....

I don't have the balls to wear tights/leggings on the street, especially in RUSSIA in broad daylight, unless it's a small get-together with close friends like I did in this pic. Bwahaha!

Mar 16, 2009

Labels Inc Loots

NB! Post flooded with oversized pics ahead!

Apologies for the lateness but here are the pics of my loots that that I scooped at Labels Inc in Antwerp. It was a really wonderful experience especially for an Antwerp Six VIRGIN like me! Seriously I'm not exaggerating, just standing in the middle of the shop looking at all the pieces made me quiver with excitement and greed, naturally. It was very hard for me not to trip over the rails of clothes that were on display! These are only past season clothes, I can't imagine what I will feel like if I could afford their latest collections (one can only dream HAHA)...

Alas, the feel-good story stops here. Being on a limited stretch of budget I had to follow a strict set of rules that I usually apply for 'costly' investment pieces. In short it's just an excuse for me to get more cost-per-wear out of those pieces :)

1) Neutral colors please!
It's a no-brainer - the colors are easier to match with my current wardrobe, of course. Save those funky and colourful T-shirts later (read: ZARA/ Topman/ thrift store)

2) Simple design, but attention to detail
This probably coincides with rule number one...simpler looks = higher wearability. Moreover these Belgian designers (especially Martin Margiela ) are mostly known for their understated designs but unexpected details. So I guess this is the opportunity for me to have a first-hand experience and evaluate why these designers are so successful as cult labels (OMG I feel like Cathy Horyn already HAHA)

3) Each piece must not be too thick for tropical Malaysian weather
Even though I still have a few months left in cool breezy Russia I had to bear in mind that most of my future purchases are going to be worn in Malaysia. So I had to forego the tempting sweaters and blazers which will be worn for a short period of time, hence they don't meet my initial requirement for 'investment' pieces.

4) More office wear, less casual garments
This one rule I could not abide due to the limited selection/sizes in the menswear section...I could only find a shirt and a pant from the array of pieces. I guess somebody must have snatched the good items first. Now that I mentioned it, I'm beating myself for not checking over the ladies' section.. oh I would be short of cash anyway as I have THREE more cities to go after Antwerp. If money was not an issue the sequined Number (N)ine blazer that Mdm Vivian offered me at a reduced price would definitely meet it's proud owner...

Okay, sorry for unbelievably ranting at this late hour, so here it goes...

Margiela shoes
Don't they remind you of the ubiquitous Crocs? They're soft and comfy too. I'm planning to wear them during those long housemanship hours...

Labels Inc 012

Labels Inc 013

Ann Demeulemeester hooded tunic
A tad large for me - this type of garment would definitely look good on a model, nevertheless I like the slouchiness and softness of the cotton fabric.

Labels Inc 008

Labels Inc 007

Ann Demeulemeester waistcoat /vest
Don't be fooled by the simple design, attention for detail : love the asymmetrical galore going on here!
Labels Inc 006

The tunic and vest combined...
Labels Inc 009

Dries Van Noten shirt
Very summery, evident by the sheerness of the shirt. The sleeves are too long (or are my arms too short?), so a trip to the tailor is absolutely necessary...
Labels Inc 004

Labels Inc 005

Margiela long sleeve tee with detail
I'm not sure what's the hairy material used here, but it's beautifully intertwined to create those little diamond shapes..perhaps it's mohair? It's really a blur to me when it comes to fabrics / materials...
Labels Inc 002

Labels Inc 003

Veronique Branquinho pants
Again a large size for my petit Asian waist, but I'd like to snap something form this designer anyway (yes me = label whore)
Labels Inc 010

ONE BIG QUESTION : Can you guys out there identify from which season are these pieces are from? Cause I can't, obviously!

Mar 11, 2009

Prada Fairy Bag Atrocity

I was looking around New Yorker the other day to buy a scarf for my Gynecology teacher (no I'm not looking for exemption on exams, it was for the Woman's Day).

Lo and behold, look at what I bumped into...

It's the knockoff Prada Fairy Bag, shameless displayed, not on a rack, but hanged on a piece of steel rod! And they are sold in the quantity of tens for around 20 euro!

And now, compare the image above with the divine, authentic arm candy...

You see, stealing people's ideas is one thing, but reproducing them in HORRIBLE quality is another! You can see immediately the simplification of the drawings - not as intricate and detailed as the original one; not to mention the tacky material (polyurethane as opposed to leather). I guess the graphic artist for New Yorker does not earn a lot does he? What's boggling me is why took so long (over a year) to copycat creative designer's ideas? You think people with eye for detail like me won't notice? HAHA

For those who're not in the know, the Fairy Collection was introduced by Prada for their Spring Summer 2008 collection. Obviously the pieces are really outstanding and unique, don't tell me you're not salivating over these nymph and fairy prints already...

Images stolen from

Well, talk about breach of copyright...

Mar 5, 2009

Miu Miu Lucky Red, the Black Death and Unisex

Another post associated with the not-so-recent Chinese New Year. I had great fun partying at the hostel, which was organised by Malaysian Chinese students. The food was scrumptious, mild to my stomach and the decoration was cute and intricate! I wish Hari Raya was thiiis good and fun!

And this is what I wore during that event.

Unless you're living under a rock you must already know that the Chinese consider red as lucky and black, on the other hand, resembles bad luck / death.Justify Full

Well, in my case, I combined both! Is it an abomination or you people just don't follow this superstitious (no offense) rule anymore?

New Yorker faux leather biker jacket, ehem... (it's ladies' size S -> wow even I'm impressed!)
H&M Khaki slim pants : (recent purchase in Paris, who could refuse a 7 euro pant?)
Benetton tee

Stella McCartney cowl neck sweatshirt

Miu Miu slip ons: Loving these to death, albeit a bit too tight on my wide stubby feet. I'm getting more conscious not to damage the leather soles by sweating too much. This reminds me to wear foot socks more often...Anyhow the thought of Miu Miu not producing menswear anymore just significantly narrows MEN'S choices yet again.

Note to self: I just realized that everything that I wear from top to toe are bought in the ladies department. Can you spot the differences between today's menswear and womenswear (excluding the obvious ones, duh!)? Cause I can't.

I say YES to unisex clothing!!!

Mar 1, 2009

Happy (significantly) Belated Chinese New Year

For Chinese people out there, how did you guys celebrate the Chinese New Year? I for one did not even realize that CNY HAS passed quite for some time, until one of my classmates (classmates? sooo high school, I know) suggested that we should celebrate at a local Chinese restaurant called Shanghai Bar.

Yes, now you can punch me for my constant state of oblivion.

Anyways, we had fun eating out and talking about personal prospective, future working life, which is alarmingly inevitable, marriage (eeeek!) and all the stuff that matters in life. Hmm.... porn anyone?

The aftermath

These are my classmates, with whom I've studied together for six freaking years y'all! Oh, not forgetting Azzad who treat us all with the mouth-watering delicacies. I die when he said everything is on the house...Azzad, we should do this more often right?

L-R: Khalid, Azzad, Muhanna, Ai Chen, Ruzanna, Shakti (Kok Tong , not in the picture)

Specially for that day I wore a bow-tie (a pressie from Scotland from Helmi!) . I totally shat my panties y'all upon receiving this! Being a gift from a dear friend plus the classic Tartan print simply put my other SECONDHAND bow-ties to shame. That what makes certain pieces in my wardrobe so special and memorable :)

As usual my crappy and ancient digicam doesn't make the bow-tie justice.(better to buy MOAR clothes than gadgets, I say)

And I'm liking the double zipper look. Oh, it's just two pieces of coats layered together, don't be fooled!

Weekday supertight plaid shirt . Okay you can laugh at my barrel-chested trunk (I'm beating myself over this: why did I take an XS when size small is much more flattering?)

Cheap Monday jeans (recent purchase at Royal Cheese in Paris)

And the same old secondhand boots, which seem to be falling apart from the inside any minute now.

Good food, great company of friends and a moment of cam-whoring, what more can you ask?

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