Jan 21, 2009

Examination, Bargain Hunting in Europe

Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since I posted an entry, thanks to the craziness of studying Public Health in Russian and trying to make sense out of it in English. Nope, I haven't sat for the paper yet, it's only for another day! So I'm using some time that I have left to cram all the last minute information... it's going to be an all-nighter for sure. Oh you know the drills. Eugh.. I can go on and on about the nightmare being a student!!!

Right away after the examination (on the evening) I'll be leaving for the much-anticipated WINTER VACATION! God, I'm so excited right now I couldn't care less about tomorrow's examination (does Russian healthcare system reaaaally matter to a Malaysian comme moi? HAHA!)

Ehem, drum rolls please...I'm vacating in France and the BENELUX countries i.e Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Yay!

The highlight of the holiday is of course going to fashion cities Antwerp and Paris. As usual there's so much opportunity to indulge in the retail experience there, besides, being absolutely new to the Antwerp Six (which composes the avant garde designer heavyweights) pleases me even more, as I'll be treading down the streets of Antwerp in the quest for the best Dries Van Noten / Ann Demeulemeester / Maison Martin Margiela bargain. Also, the younger designers such as Bernhard Willhelm, Raf Simons and Véronique Branquinho are the exciting labels to keep my eyes on.

Makes you wanna sing Margiela, ella-ella...

Ann Demeulemeester 's shop in Antwerp

Images flickr.com

On the other hand, Paris is a gem for vintage / secondhand regulars, especially for a poor student like me. The dépôts-ventes aka consignment shops are also alluring, but I'll keep my fingers crossed - based on my experience finding the perfect item on a restrained budget is very unlikely. Still, I'm hoping to score some vintage YSL in this city. But as I said it all depends on how much moolah I have left :)

My last resort for some retail therapy is of course from the usual suspects of high street stores which litter these cities. Well I'm sure H&M's spring summer line is way affordable compared to the above-mentioned designer lines...

Silently I'm crying inside because I won't be in time to catch Fall/Winter 2009 menswear show in Paris. I'll be late for 4 days! God I wish I can turn back time and plan more properly. I can imagine the chaotic atmosphere surrounding Jardin des Tuileries - all the editors, buyers, and photographers in frenzy doing their stuff. Secretly I'm fantasizing being snapped by the renowned photogs The Sartorialist and Tommy from Jak and Jil. HAHA, how twisted is that? ME? Paris Fashion Week? One can only dream!

Before I delve into this holiday excitement further, I'm off reading more Public Health crap to sleep. Pray for my luck for tomorrow. Ouch.

Photo Tag By JeyQ

I've been tagged by the wonderful JeyQ from Citrus Coffee! The rules are as follow:

::go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
::pick the 4th picture in that folder
::explain the picture
::tag 4 people to do the same

picturesque is the word

Sorry for the late entry Jey! Been hiding my nose in books all this while :)

So here it goes... this pic was taken in winter 2007/2008 in Innsbruck, Austria. It's the small town on the slopes of the Alps best known for it's beautiful ski resort. But ironically I did no skiing there. Me and my friend just had a good walk around town taking some silly pictures and did a little shopping. Speaking about shopping they also have this huge Swarovski store which also places a museum with mesmerizing crystal crafts and exhibits. Seriously, you guys should come to this small lovely town and avoid Vienna HAHA. The place is small and everything is within walking distance but the view is reallyyyy breathtaking I tell ya!

Now now, the 4 lucky persons I'm tagging are:

angelus from Conductive Aphasia

neemo from Part Twenty Something

from Felicityed

Dinie from The 4th Juki on the Right

Jan 15, 2009

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

I admit Scandinavian labels especially the ones from Sweden make me go ga-ga over their minimalistic aesthetics (and those chiseled models, of course HAHA). This obsession was primarily fueled by my first gawk at The Sartorialist over a year ago, when Mr. Schuman was in Stockholm.

My summer trip to Scandinavia perpetuates my love for Swedish fashion. I feel deep in my heart someday I'll be back there again!

During my visit I had the chance hunting for local labels (Cheap Monday anyone?). Now being bombarded with a spew of information from all over the web I found yet another Swedish label with impeccable tailoring that makes my knees week.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair S/S 2009 (yes,the first thought which came into my mind was "Does this label sell shoes at all?". I was completely wrong after learning from their website that they sell precisely cut clothing...)

the scallop detail on the collar is unexpected

I wonder if I could personally pull this off

Attention to detail - the structures: hot hot hot!

Are you drooling over the quirky details already?

The fact that this label is available at The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur makes my heart leap with joy, despite the predictable sky high price (pour moi, at least) I'll definitely frequent this shop come summer when I'm back home!

Jan 10, 2009

Navy blue jacket and new heading

Today is the last day of my 10-day off from school. I've been in lazy mode this first week of January - blame the holiday atmosphere and the imminent and unavoidable examination. Seriously, I'm really really lazy nowadays - all I've been doing lately is watch movies on my laptop and hang out at friends' places AND a little studying (god.. .Public Health is one thing, learning it in Russian is another). Thus blog entries on style and fashion is scarce, much apologies.

Okay, not to bore you with another line ranting, I've been meaning to upload these Marks and Sparks jacket pics that I got last 2 weeks, thrifted at my usual VPV store. The cut and the color attracted me immediately to try it. At a first glance it looks like a Telekom technician's jacket (as in, one of those workers coming to your house in case of a telephone line breakdown). But after examining it a little more my mind started to make mental drawings of the combination possibilities of this jacket. The navy blue color is my favorite, and I think it is versatile to go with almost any shirt in my wardrobe... The best color to with is of course grey and blue, but for a little cheeky attempt I can also wear this with plaid shirts, yellow basic tee and some geometric print shirt:

Weekday plaid shirt, Benetton plaid shirt, B.U.M grey tee

Inside shirts: U2 basic tee, H&M x Siggi Egertsson shirt, Sisley powdery pink shirt
click click for a better view

I also think that the header image image of my blog needs some revamping and originality (sorry the previous picture is obviously stolen from the one of look books widespread over the 'net, please don't sue me!) . So without taking much time I decided that this jacket will be on the header photo. After some photochop dramas I finally had it done. Oh well the result is not that grotesque (for me at least, if you think otherwise, please state so), but some resizing is absolutely much needed. Nah, it'll be next time, when I have much time after the exams.

the background is sooo blue the jacket doesn't stand out!

Well at a second glance the jacket still looks like a technician's, but having the I-don't-care attitude I still like this piece as it will be one of my most worn jacket come spring....

Post edit:
Doesn't the color of my jacket remind you of the ubiquitous YSL one?

image style.com

One can only dream!

Jan 7, 2009

Rihanna's Concert in Malaysia

Do you hear me?

Rihanna will be LIVE in Kay Elle, ELLA-ELLA... ehh-ehh-ehh!

It's confirmed that the Barbados-born pop powerhouse will be coming to Kuala Lumpur next month. This is the first time she will perform in front of a Malaysian audience.

But a concert in Malaysia is not complete without the controversial "clothing rules" issue. Rihanna is required to perform in a 'decent' outfit i.e it must cover from the top of her chest, including shoulders, to her knees. Good thing to know she agreed to conform with the standards set by the Malaysian Government.

One thing for sure, she won't be dressed like this...

Disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light

OR like this...

Come an inch nearer, I'll poke you with these spikes!
Images nymag.com

This also applies to international artistes previously having concerts here (ehem, Gwen Stefani - she had to wear leggings underneath her shorts while performing back in August 2008 , talk about HOT PANTS, HAHAHA!).

However during their summer tour in KL a few years back the burlesque/pop sensation Pussycat Dolls did not meet the requirement, hence the USD3000 fine! (hello what else can you expect, PCD is not PCD without hoochie mama all the way)

This strikes me as confusing - the costumes in such concerts will definitely be a little bit sexy, if not revealing, so why does the government approve these events in the first place?

Uh-oh, my words scream political/ religious chaos but what the hell...

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