Apr 24, 2015

Craig Green freshness

In the early days of Dunia Fashyon, I used to see fashion as an outlet to get all frivolous, fun and carefree. I did not see fashion as a platform that could enforce critical thinking; I doubted that it could make men ponder about garments through collections, let alone to have a serious and meaningful contemplation. It was too easy to have such perspective after years of struggling in a 'legitimately serious' world that is the field of medicine; being surrounded by people who are not necessarily like minded did not help much either.

Apr 6, 2015

CAMERAderie: Zalora Fashion Festival event

The international online retailer collaboration with four Malaysian designers showcased collections for Raya 2015 recently at Pullman Bangsar's Grand Ballroom. The attendees were a healthy mix of prominent names of local fashion industry, the aficionados and of course, the much loved celebs. Looking at the scale of the almost award show-like celebrity attendance list (from Siti Saleha to Sharifah Sakinah to Sasha Saidin to Cristina Suzanne Stockstill and some prominent royal figures), Zalora has definitely put much investment in the marketing and thus, event/brand awareness. My guts tell me it's going to be an exceptionally well-received collection!

Apr 5, 2015

Zalora Fashion Festival - Raya Collection

Zalora once again releases their much anticipated Raya collection with four emerging Malaysian designers. It's good to know that collaborations with giant online fashion retailers like Zalora shed much needed light on the creatives - meaning more exposure, a chance to be a household name (like Rizalman and Jovian) and of course, improving revenues. Personally I love doing some research online prior to making a purchase, thus this platform suits demographics like me, who love to ponder and compare before deciding to click that 'buy' button. The launch of the collection was held recently at Pullman Hotel Bangsar, where hundreds of guest (including celebs) were present to witness to collection firsthand.

Apr 2, 2015

Krabi - the guilt after elephant riding experience...

The next leg of the journey in Krabi continued with activities away from the sea. It involved a jaunt to the night market, a short swim in a natural pool, with a soak in spectacular Hot Spring, and ended with an elephant ride that begs an ethical question...

Mar 29, 2015

CAMERAderie: Scha x Fashion Valet event

The recent launch of SchaxFV collab was held at Black Box, Damansara Performing Arts Centre. It seemed like a nice venue for product launching events - like a blank canvas where one could decorate and arrange to achieve the desired effect of presentation. Same goes to the product launch: a dramatic black background serves as the base for the kaleidoscopic fabrics to stand out. That, and a bunch of air kisses from celebrities (and their babies!) in tow to make events ever more so refreshing.

Mar 28, 2015

Camper revolution

I've always been following Spanish footwear export Camper. In fact there were a few occurrences when I was itching to purchase Camper Together models, notably the ones from Bernhard Willhelm collab. Alas, further research revealed the company uses pig skin lining for most of the shoes. Religion versus fashion has always been a personal battle for me, but so far my stand is not to let 'frivolous' things like shoes compromise my faith and religious practice.

Mar 27, 2015

Scha Alyahya x Fashion Valet collaboration

I'm diverting my travel-laden blogpost with local fashion news. Too much of travel does make me miss a bit of frivolity once in a while. Having no ample time to be glued on TV like I used to before, I'm not overly well-versed with the who's who of local entertainment industry, but it's not so easy easy to ignore when it comes to Malaysia's immensely known celebrity Scha Alyahya. With her innate sense of style, it's natural to see her collaboration with notable online retailer of all South East Asian design Fashion Valet come to fruition. The Scha x FV collection features contemporary voluminous silhouettes coupled with the ever so favorable pastel tones and color blocking - predictably going to be received pretty well by the young and urban demographics of Malaysian fashion-conscious girls.

Mar 24, 2015

Krabi island-hopping experience

Our long-tail boat

I've always been fascinated by the enchanting beauty and paradise-like portrayal of the islands of Thailand. The notion is propagated further more by Hollywood motion pictures bombarding us with the fantasy of 'come to Thailand, it's much more than sex trade haven and polite people'. Case in point: the movie The Beach where Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the main acting roles (although the film didn't fare well critically, there were lots of praises in regards to its beautiful cinematography, which was shot mainly in Krabi's Ko Phi Phi. That, alongside with super affordable flight tickets booked a year in advance (Air Asia's tagline Now Everybody Can Fly could never resonate better in this case), were among the reasons I chose Krabi as my next destination to explore.

Mar 15, 2015

Coach Men's Boutique KLCC

I was not able to attend the new opening of the first mens-only Coach store in KL, but luckily Filzah and Fahad managed to come as reps. I just passed by the store (post launch) few weeks ago - it is a miniature corner (700sq feet) compared to the roomier womens counterparts, but am pretty sure the space will be extended come Stuart Vevers' debut collection for fall next year. Good to know that KLCC mens’ store is a design concept developed by Vevers in partnership with creative firm studio Sofield.

Mar 8, 2015

Phuket fun part II

The next leg of my photo journey was focused on travelling in and around Phuket island, until the camera battery died on me. This included island hopping over three islands. Despite the promising brochure it felt like a pure tourist trap at the end of the day - the Khao Phing Kan island aka James Bond island (where The Man with The Golden Gun was shot) was packed with eager Chinese tourists, the halal food at the Muslim fishing village was bland, and there were endless queuing up to do at every island. Nevertheless the view was outstanding, I can't deny that.

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