Jan 5, 2014

2014: Not the same again

I've been stuck in a blogging rut for the past month or so apologies for the lack of any substantial posts (but I still Instagram relentlessly though). There were personal issues that surfaced which somewhat hinder the motivation to blog. I've moved back from Melaka by the way, so it's a yay for more meaningful, city life-centric entries I guess. It's also more beneficial, career-wise, if I got transferred back to KL too.

Nov 10, 2013

Destination Asia: Hong Kong

Overcast Hong Kong sky

It's a rare occasion for me to travel to Asian countries. Not to toot my own horn but as far as globetrotting is concerned I've been to more European countries than Asia (so far Singapore and Vietnam are the only Asian destinations that I've been to). When my sister asked me and the whole family (including my two cousins) (!) about travelling to Hong Kong, I jumped at the opportunity to explore the world-famous city. Being in Hong Kong feels like a trip to a fluctuating time machine. It is a complicated metropolis with a mixed cultural/socio-economical landscape where East meets West, the old is gradually replaced by the new, the poor and the rich walk side by side on the pavement, run down government housing flats sandwiched in between sleek luxury condos and office. To be honest there's not much sight-seeing to be done in Hong Kong - being a small, overly populated island almost every inch of habitable land is occupied with the latest construction site/projects, be it a new MTR (their version of subway) station or another state-of-the-art skyscraper. Thus our trip focused on exploring in and around Kowloon (the mainland) and Hong Kong island, mostly at the periphery of its shores, as that's where most of tourist attractions are...

Nov 8, 2013

Hong Kong filler

As you could probably see from my Instagram account I'm in Hong Kong for a vacation with my family. Hong Kong is a very packed island and to be honest I've never been to such a crowded place before! Nevertheless it's still a lovely experience, though we didn't manage to explore and discover some things that we were looking forward to (i.e. outlet shopping!). The first two days have been drizzly and our trip was slightly hampered by the rain and misty view, that basically obscures the sight of Victoria peak (boo...in addition we were ripped off by the travel agent who overcharged us for that particular Victoria peak experience!). We're heading back to Malaysia today and I'm planning to post about the trip in detail. But for now I hope an outfit filler will suffice...

Oct 28, 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M - where do I stand?

Clément Chabernaud looking mighty fine in this ad. Up-close images of him taken by yours truly here.

The public release for the French designer collaboration with the Swedish clothing giant will only be on the November 14th, but naturally the images have leaked out prematurely (always a good way to build up hype and anticipation). The recent party in Paris is nothing but 'celebrating the collection' with all celebrities and famous models imaginable attending. It felt like a full-on excessiveness of the eighties.

Oct 20, 2013

All cropped up

It feels refreshing when there's a feeling of getting hooked to a different kind of pants length and fit. I think I have outgrown my skinny jeans phase, but I still keep them in case skintight and ball-hugging bottoms subconsciously manage to influence me to re-wear them. My latest addition to my cropped, roomy trousers family (next to the Peter Jensen jodhpurs) are in the form of this tailored CK Calvin Klein goodness. Please don't worry guys as I did not overspend on this item - they were acquired part of my Johor Premium Outlet CK purchase besides a reversible jacket and a black dress(!). The frugal finds were totally unexpected as we just noticed the bargain rail right before we left the store. So we had to turn back and re-examined the whole length of that particular section. I left JPO a happy camper. Truly a bargain hunter bliss!

Oct 15, 2013

Fall 2013 shoes: Church's, Car Shoe

There was a time, when I was a student abroad where I anticipated the autumn season with baited breath as the prospect of falling leaves provides us the opportunity for crunching/stomping the yellowed leaves with our feet. It's just a part of our 'tropical kids' mentality of watching American TV shows come Christmas season in Malaysia, where the setting would obviously be revolving around the fall/winter season and there was almost always the clichéd sight of falling maple leaves which is gradually replaced by the scene of pristine white snow. Of course the curiosity of experiencing the exact situation is only unravelled by traveling half the globe and finding out that there is actually more mud and slosh rather than pristine white snow. Ah, the naïveté of a teenager...

Oct 5, 2013

Pale as a ghost

Don't worry, the title does not actually refer to me being pale, but rather the state of washed-outness of my ensemble. But on a more serious note though, speaking about pale the thought of anaemic-looking models is quite disturbing at times. A phenomenon more prevalent amongst European models from my observation, this raises the question of (mal)nutrition and welfare in the modelling industry. From experience I can notice pallidness at a glance on makeup-less persons and rest assured, those lanky girls teetering in high heels and skinny jeans hopping from one show to another cannot be exactly called well-nourished. According to GQ (I know, not the most reliable source for health-related statistics) a staggering twenty percent of anorexics in America consist of men. I haven't seen cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia in Malaysia yet (but it's more likely that the place I'm working at has obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems as the major portions of the illness pie. Then again I don't see enough psychiatry-related patients enough ha ha).  

Sep 29, 2013

Monkeying around: Kipling Fall Winter 2013

Kipling is a bag brand that is synonymous with practicality and casualness in its design. Although primarily a woman's brand I did have my personal experience with Kipling bags - The Peter Pilotto collaboration piece that I have rings as a testament of its utilitarian prowess: I used the strapped pouch to travel and it was very handy indeed - it can fit a wallet, boarding pass, passport and some cash in its compartments; its heavy-duty nylon is a relief for a person like me who needs easiness and reassurance whilst travelling. Plus the attractive diamond print did not hurt the eyes either. Therefore from my observations it's safe to say that utilitarian and casual design is embedded in the brand's DNA. Recently my sister (who represented Dunia Fashyon as I could not make it) took the opportunity to attend the press preview of Kipling's fall/winter 2013 offerings...

Sep 16, 2013

Being nationalistic?

August is filled with nationalistic pride in the air as Malaysians (and Singaporeans) both celebrate their Independence Day during this month. My childhood celebration of Hari Merdeka (as they call it here in Malaysia) consisted of the ritual gathering in front of the television and anticipating for the Merdeka parade. And I could still remember the odd year when my father decided to brave the impossible human traffic at and around Merdeka square and brought the whole family to see the action live. This allowed me to witness firsthand the colourful uniforms and blasting but pleasing sound of the many marching bands  - which I presume one of the reasons of me opting to join the school brass band during Form Two. As I am one of the biggest band geeks in the world I felt bummed not being able to attend activities which involve bands parading down the historic Merdeka Square anymore especially this year, since life and daily job has taken rein over me.

 There's also the possibility that I missed some exciting, and at times, wacky carnival floats by big-budgeted companies to entertain the crowd, that also means a lost photo op. (But from the looks of it there's nothing really new or innovative about the complexity of float-making though). Sadly to say there is nothing much I could do today as well, as the overly clichéd annual Malaysia Day gigantic gathering is being held across the South China Sea in Sarawak this morning, which means another lost of potentially golden moment in photography...

But rest assured, a bit of nationalistic mood is infused in this outfit post as I  unconsciously stood in front of a Malaysian flag, near Bangsar Village II recently. So, there you go: my sad attempt to proof pride for the country with incorporating a flag at the background in soft focus, juxtaposed with the clashing colours of my outfit...

Sep 11, 2013

Carven Redux

Sometimes a recurrent obsession towards a particular item can be a bit pervasive and such is the case with my fixation with Carven's school-boy charm. This time around I acquired a short-sleeved cotton shirt with a contrasting detail from Club 21 Pavilion's summer sale in Kuala Lumpur. However despite the discount I believe it is still more affordable to purchase something from this label online (recent perusing post Club 21 buy revealed that similar shirt on topic but with a different colour way actually cost much less. Oh, the trials and tribulations of a bargain hunter).

Either way I'm loving the cute little detail of the collar and the micro-gingham pattern of the shirt. At one glance the texture does look a bit leather-y which managed to fool a clinic staff or two. And even though the shirt is size 3 (my last Carven acquisition was a size 2) I think it's still wearable but perhaps some customisation is in order. Here's to a perennial summer of Malaysia and never-ending child clothing obsession in me!

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